Compliance: Solved.


Government and customer-imposed security regulations keeping you up at night?
You're not alone.

JFG Systems, Inc. works with small and mid-sized businesses like yours every day, helping them meet their customer's and regulator's expectations on-time and on-budget.

At JFG we believe there is a balance between security and accessibility, and that compliance doesn't have to break the bank. Let us help you strike the balance your business needs to thrive.

We have experience navigating the rough waters of regulations from PCI-DSS to CMMC and beyond. Let us help decode the differences between NIST 800-171 and ISO 27002, and show you where PCI-DSS meets MICS.

Our technical team can work with your compliance department, or be your compliance department.  Every business is unique, we'll help you achieve measurable progress toward your security goals.



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Managed Security Services

Our line of ITAssure™  security services let you focus on doing business, not protecting it from attackers. From Ant-virus to next-gen sandboxing and A.I. based analytics – rest assured your security never takes a break.

Managed Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a necessary piece of any security solution. Can your door access card log you into your computer? Learn how to take single sign-on to the next level and extend security intelligence to all aspects of your business – real or virtual.  

Security Compliance, Audits and Assessments

Why go it alone? Let JFG Systems, Inc. help make sure you're ready for the next compliance check by your favorite governing body.  Our experts know the right questions to ask and how to navigate the circuitous path of regulation with you. JFG Systems, Inc. can help secure your environment against internal and external threats to your business. 


If you're looking to upgrade your outdated system or start with a new one, JFG Systems, Inc. can help design and implement the perfect surveillance solution to take you to the state of the art in no time. Let our experts make the recommendations you need to make the best informed decisions. 

Security Information and Event Management

Gain insight into critical processes and infrastructure. Make logging work for you, and tune out the background noise with an SIEM solution that fits your regulatory needs.

Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens, will you be prepared? JFG experts build disaster recovery plans and solutions that provide real-world solutions to big challenges. Forget hurricanes, can your business survive a CEO outage?