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The Carson City, Reno I.T. Service Guide To I.T. Support Services And Fees

What You Should Expect To Pay For I.T. Support For Your Small Business

(And How To Get Exactly What You Need Without Unnecessary Extras, Hidden Fees And Bloated Contracts)

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Read This Guide and You’ll Discover:

The 3 most common ways IT services companies charge for their services, and the pros and cons of each approach.

The common billing model that puts ALL THE RISK on you, the customer, when buying IT services; you’ll learn what it is and why you need to avoid agreeing to it.

Exclusions, hidden fees and other “gotcha” clauses IT companies put in their contracts that you DON’T want to agree to.

How to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting to avoid disappointment, frustration and added costs later on that you didn’t anticipate.

21 revealing questions to ask your IT support firm BEFORE giving them access to your computer network, e-mail and data.

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Appreciation for JFG’s Ongoing Support

I sincerely appreciate the consistent support we’ve received over the past 20-plus years. JFG’s unwavering commitment has been instrumental in our success. When our CNC machine faced challenges due to a failing PC, the JFG team stepped in and extended its lifespan significantly. One of the greatest benefits is that I can simply say, “Call JFG,” whenever an IT issue arises—no need to be an expert. Recently, a severe hard drive failure tested us, but thanks to JFG’s meticulous practices and full backups, we were swiftly back on track. Our tech-dependent operations rely on this stability, and without JFG, our automated factory’s survival would have been uncertain.

In summary, thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Your support is invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate many more years of collaboration.

Rob Amster Rob Amster CEO
Sierra Display Fixtures, Inc. DBA, QUADRO
Mound House, NV